Challenger 604 VH-BLM (1st visit)


CL604 VH-BLM all parked up at Adelaide Airport on 4/5/14 on its 2nd visit) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Brand new Challenger 604 VH-BLM arrived ex. Coolangatta at 11.05hrs, the aircraft then departed to Sydney at 16.10hrs. The aircraft then returned on Friday 2/5/14, then departed on Sunday 4/5/14.

This was the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide. The aircraft was delivered to its owner in Coolangatta on 31/3/14.

Jetstar Airways A320 VH-XSJ (1st Visit)

VH-XSJ (2)

(Jetstar Airways A320 VH-XSJ on pushback ready for its flight to Coolangatta) Photo By Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Jetstar Airways A320 VH-XSJ arrived from Perth at 14.20hrs as ‘JQ977‘. The aircraft then departed to Melbourne at 15.10hrs as ‘JQ779‘.

This was XSJ’s 1st visit to Adelaide. The aircraft was delivered to Jetstar on 2/4/14 arriving into Melbourne from Singapore, Seletar Airport. The aircraft is leased to Jetstar Australia from Singapore based Jetstar Asia where it was flying as 9V-JST.

Falcon 7X M-GMKM (1st visit)

MK Air Pty Ltd. owned Falcon 7X M-GMKM arrived at 10.05hrs from Male, after a quick re-fuel the aircraft departed to Mildua, Victoria at 11.55hrs.


This was its 1st visit to Adelaide, the aircraft frame is no stranger to Australian shores, it was previously registered VH-MQK

Cobhams latest B717 N928ME arrives on delivery

Completing its delivery flight from the U.S taday was new Qantaslink (Cobham Aviation) B717-200 VH-YQW. The aircraft arrived with its previous operators registration on it which was N928ME. It used the callsign ‘Southern Cross 1130′ where it arrived into Adelaide at 12:45hrs.


 The aircraft arrived started its delivery flight on 11/4/14 in Miami, then went onto to Billings, Logan International Airport, then onto Anchorage. After  Anchorage it departed to Sokol Airport in Russia. From there it went to Manila then finally arriving on Australian soil on 14/4/14 where it night stopped in Darwin. Today 8/5/12 it departed Darwin finally reaching its final destination in Adelaide.

Austrian Arrows Fokker 028-070 OE-LFL arrives on Delivery

Former Austrian Arrows Fokker F028-070 OE-LFL arrived at 17.10hrs from Alice Springs as ‘Austrian 1487′ completing its delivery from Vienna, Austria to Alliance Airlines.

OE-LFL began its delivery flight on 2/4/13 departing Vienna for Sanlifura- Doha- Ahmedabad-Kalkata- Bangkok (Don Mueng)- Singapore-Denpasa-Darwin-Alice Springs- Adelaide.

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXQ (1st Visit)

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXQ arrived ex. Kuala Lumpur at 09.25hrs operating ‘D7246‘. The aircraft departed back to Kuala Lumpur at 11.00hrs operating ‘D7247‘.

This was XXQ’s 1st visit to Adelaide since the aircraft entered service on 19/3/14.

Tigerair A320 VH-XUG (1st Visit)


(Tigerair A320 VH-XUG arriving on Rwy.23 from Sydney on 6/4/14) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Tigerair A320 VH-XUG arrived from Melbourne as ‘TT463′ at 15.15hrs. The aircraft departed at 16.10hrs as ‘TT464′ back to Melbourne.

This was XUG’s 1st visit to Adelaide since it entered service today on 4/4/14, this was only its 3rd revenue service for the airline.

Thomson Airways B757-200 G-OOBD arrives in Adelaide (1st visit)


(Thomson Airways B757-200 G-OOBD all locked up at bay 101 for its stay in Adelaide) Photo By Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

 Thomson Airways B757-200 G-OOBD arrived from Hobart at 10.42hrs as ‘Thomson 962‘. The aircraft is being used as a charter by world renowned tour operators ‘TCS & Starquest Expeditions’. This charter has seen the aircraft route Los Angeles- Kona (Hawaii)- Pappette- Auckland- Hobart- Adelaide. It is expected its next stop after Adelaide will by Ayres Rock.

This was G-OOBD’s 1st visit to Adelaide, it was is the 1st visit of a Thomson Airways aircraft to Adelaide. Thomson Airways was formally known as Britannia Airlines who did perform a number of charters to Adelaide during the late 1990′s. With the arrival of G-OOBD into Adelaide, it takes Adelaide’s B757 count to 14, which span over many different registrations. 2 of the more interesting ones in recent times were Uzbekistan Airways B757-200 VP-BUD in October 2008, and United States Air Force B757-200 99-003 in November 2012.

Falcon 7X N577CF and Challenger 604 VH-LEF make flying visits (Both 1st Visits)


Linfox Express Charter operated Challenger 604 VH-LEFarrived from Essendon Airport at 08.35hrs. The aircraft then departed to Sydney at 14.35hrs.

This was LEF’s 1st visit to Adelaide as a Challenger 604. This registratin was previously worn on A Challenger 850.


(JPC Falcon owned Falcon 7X N577CF Parked at Bay 101 at Adelaide Airport today) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

JPC Falcon owned Falcon 7X N577CF arrived from Sydney at 08.55hrs. The aircraft later departed back to Sydney at 16.35hrs.

This was the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide. It was only the 4th ever Falcon 7X to visit Adelaide as well.

Emirates B777-200LR A6-EWG (1st Visit)

Emirates B777-200LR A6-EWG arrived ex. Dubai at 21.05hrs as ‘EK440‘. The aircraft departed to Dubai at 22.45hrs as ’EK441′. This service is usually operated by a B777-300ER.
This is EWG’s 1st visit to Adelaide. It is also the 4th different B777-200LR to visit Adelaide, Previous visit were by A6-EWD which has operated Ek440/441 twice, EWC operated EK440/441 on 22/3/14 and A6-EWE which diverted to Adelaide in 2011 due to fog in Perth.