Malaysia Airlines New A330-300 9M-MTF

Malaysia Airlines took delivery of its 5th A330-300 9M-MTF on 24/01/12.

It took a little while but 9M-MTF finally made its 1st visit to Addelaide on 9/2/12 operating MH139 arriving at 0815. It departed later that day at 14.30hrs as MH138.

Since then it has visited on 13/2 operating MH139/136 and on 16/2 operating MH139/138.

Malaysia Airlines operates 6 flights a week into Adelaide on Sunday’s, Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturdays. All 6 flights arrive as MH139 at 8.15hrs. 3 departures are at 10.00hrs as MH136 (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) and 3 departures are at 14.30hrs as MH138 (Monday, Thursday and Saturday).

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