Air Asia X cease flights to Adelaide

9M-XXH (2)

(Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXH touching down on Rwy. 23 for the last itme operating ‘D7246/247’) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

After 15 months in the Adelaide market, Air Asia X stopped their flights between Adelaide and Kuala Lumpur. Their 1st flight way back on 31/10/13 was operate dby A330-300 9M-XXH, in a fitting farwell to Adelaide 9M-XXH also operate the final flight to Adelaide.

During the 15 month stint, Adelaide saw 23 different A330-300’s visit on multiple occasions, with only aircraft visiting once only. Here is a list of the registrations plus how many visits, and final visit they had in Adelaide…

9M-XAA: 10 visits (Final visit was on 01/09/14)
9M-XXA: 8 visits (Final visit was on 09/08/14)
9M-XXB: 23 visits (Final Visit was on 18/01/15)
9M-XXC: 17 visits (Final Visit was on 12/01/15)
9M-XXD: 19 visits (Final Visit was on 13/01/15)
9M-XXE: 18 visits (Final Visit was on 28/12/14)
9M-XXF: 16 visits (Final Visit was on 10/01/15)
9M-XXG: 15 visits (Final Visit was on 07/08/14)
9M-XXH: 10 visits (Final Visit was on 25/01/15)
9M-XXI: 23 visits (Final Visit was on 21/12/14)
9M-XXJ: 24 visits (Final Visit was on 11/01/15)
9M-XXK: 20 visits (Final Visit was on 08/11/14)
9M-XXL: 5 visits (Final Visit was on 31/12/13)
9M-XXM: 14 visits (Final Visit was on 30/12/14)
9M-XXN: 9 visits (Final Visit was on 15/04/14)
9M-XXO: 14 visits (Final Visit was on 02/12/14)
9M-XXP: 12 visits (Final Visit was on 24/01/15)
9M-XXQ: 4 visits (Final Visit was on 27/05/14)
9M-XXR: 4 visits (Final Visit was on 14/11/14)
9M-XXS: 8 visits (Final Visit was on 13/12/14)
9M-XXT: 4 visits (Final Visit was on 17/01/15)
9M-XXU: 2 visits (Final Visit was on 20/1/15)
9M-XXV: 1 visit (Only Visit was on 15/01/15)

Goodbye Qantas International flights from Adelaide

Qantas announced to day that they will cease flying from Adelaide-Singapore 3 x a week from April 14th. The last QF81 flight from Adelaide-Singapore will operate on Saturday 13th April 2013 at 1500, with the final QF82 return flight from Singapore-Adelaide will arrive the following morning at 0640 the following day on Sunday April 14th.

SYD-ADL-SIN: Operates Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays

QF81 Arr ADL  1340 ex. Sydney

QF81  Dep ADL 1500 to Singapore

SIN-ADL-SYD- Operates Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

QF82 Arr ADL 0630 ex. Singapore

QF82 Dep ADL 0740 to. Sydney

This is a very sad day for Adelaide Airport with Qantas pulling its last and only international flight from Adelaide which has been going for more than 15 years.  For the first years of the service the flight was operated with B767-200ER then changed to B767-300ER’s routing though Darwin. In December 2004 the airline dropped the Darwin leg and changed to direct ADL-SIN using A330-300’s. Since the change to A330-300’s we have also seen B747-300’s and 1 B747-400ER operate the flights as well.  Recenetly we have also seen A330-200’s operate the flight as well.

Plane Spotting Adelaide celebrates 1st Anniversary

On 20/12/12 Plane Spotting Adelaide blog celebrated its 1st year of operation. During this time we have posted over 200 entries covering various and exotic movements passing through Adelaide Airport. Many of these visitors incuded business jets, cargo aircraft, gernal aviation aircraft, 1st visitors, extra flights and diversions.

On behalf of the Plane Spotting Adelaide crew, we would like to thankyou for viewing and supporting the Plane Spotting Adelaide blog. We wish everyone a happy and safe New Year and hope you will continue to view our blog in 2013.

Singapore Airlines to increase to 12 flights a week from July 2013.

More good news for International flights from Adelaide with Singapore Airlines increaseing to 12 flights a week on a permanent basis from 3/7/13. This will take Adelaide to 92 International flights in/out a week from Adelaide. All flights are to be operated by A330-300’s.

SQ279 Dep SIN 2355  Arr ADL 0810+1

SQ278 Dep ADL 1140 Arr SIN 1735

Operates on a DAILY basis

SQ277 Dep SIN 0735 Arr ADL 1550

SQ276 Dep ADL 1705 Arr SIN 2300

Operates all days except Tuesday and Wednesday

Tiger Airways to restart flights to Adelaide

Tiger Airways are set to resume Services to Adelaide for the 1st timme since the airline was forced to stop operation in July 2011. From this shutdown it resulted its then Adelaide base to be colsed down.

From November 1st 2012 the airline will fly 2 flights a day between Adelaide and Melbourne.

TT 484 Dep MEL 0830 Arr ADL 0920

TT 485 Dep ADL 0950 Arr MEL 1135


TT 486 Dep MEL 1700 Arr ADL 1750

TT 487 Dep ADL 1820 Arr MEL 2005


Attached is a link to the announcement:

Adelaide Airport schedules update…

Over the past month there has been alot of new flights have been announced to Adelaide. Here are the latest updates…

1. After a few years of talk and speculation, Adelaide Airport have finally managed to secure Emirates Airlines to start Adelaide services. Beginning  November 1 2012, Emirates will operate 4 DIRECT Dubai- Adelaide-Dubai services a week using their 3 class B777-300ER aircraft. From February 1st, 2013 flights will increase to Daily.

EK440 Dep DXB 0155 Arr ADL 2045

EK441 Dep ADL 2245 Arr DXB 0525

(from 01/11/12- 31/1/13 flights will operate on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)

2. From the 29th of October Qantaslink will add 5 services per week on the Adelaide-Canberra route using DHC8-400’s. This will compliment the 12 B737 that currently operate ADL-CBR run. The new DHC8 flight will operate Monday-Friday only.

QF2091 Dep CBR 1105 Arr ADL 1235
QF2092 Dep ADL 1305 Arr CBR 1535

This new flight will increase DHC8-400 operations at Adelaide to 32 flights a week (23 to Port Lincoln, 4 to Melbourne, 5 to Canberra)

3. Singapore Airlines are set to increase Adelaide flights to 12 flights a week for 3 periods during the summer months. The periods are fom 17/12/12-22/12/12, 07/01/13- 12/01/13 & 21/1/13- 03/01/13.

SQ279/278 (eta 0850/ etd 1250) will remain daily.
SQ277/276 (eta 1650/ etd 1800) will increase to 5 weekly during the periods above (no Sunday or Thursday flight). Outside these periods it will remain 3 weekly

4. Begining October 28th 2012 Malysia Airlines are to increase Adelaide flights to Daily. The new flight will occur on Wednesday’s.

MH139 dep KUL 2230 arr ADL 0815
MH136 dep ADL 1000 arr KUL 1510
(This rotation will operate on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday)

MH139 dep KUL 2230 arr ADL 0815
MH138 dep ADL 1430 arr KUL 1940
(This rotation will operate on Monday, Thursday & Saturday)


Regional Express (REX) to begin Adelaide-Mildura services

REX have announced today that they will beign services to Mildura from July 9  2012.

Hers a link to the article

The flights are an tag-on to the Broken Hill flight 6 days a week. It will route  Adelaide-Mildura-Broken Hill- Mildura- Adelaide. ZIn light of this announcement the Broken Hill-Adelaide-Broken
Hill service is set to increase from 15 flights a week to 19.

Mildura Schedule…

ZL4867 Dep BHQ 0820 Arr MQL 1005 Dep MQL 0945 Arr ADL 1040 (Monday-Staurday)
ZL4892 Dep ADL 1620 Arr MQL 1755 Dep MQL 1815 Arr BHQ 1840 (Sunday- Friday)

Qantaslink Kalgoorlie flight schedule change

As of today 9/5/12 the twice weekly Kalgoorlie-Adelaide-Kalgoorlie B717 service has changed days of operation. The Sunday flight remains unchanghed, however the Tuesday flight has been changed to Wednesday. New Schedule

Sunday Flight

QF1878 eta 1450
QF1879 etd 1545

Wednesday flight

QF1878 eta 1550
QF1879 etd 1645

Although the B717’s are quite common into Adelaide as maintainence are perfomred on the aicraft by parent company Cobham Aviation. This Kalgoorlie flight has been operating since 1st March 2009.

Alliance Airlines start F100 flights ex. Adelaide

Another aircraft type has now began permanent flying to and from Adelaide. Alliance aAirlines have now introduced and based aone of their Fokker 100 aircraft in Adelaide. VH-XWT for the past two weeks has been operating two FIFO flights a day (Monday-Fridays only) between Adelaide and Prominent Hill mine. This move is due to the ever growing mining exapanison in the South Australian , also it isto the recent upgrade of the Prominent Hill Airport Runway which can now facilitate jet aircraft.

Schedule as follows…

Flight 1

QQ4543 ETD 0615 to Prominent Hill

QQ4544 ETA 0915 ex Prominent Hill


QQ4547 ETD 1445 to Prominent Hill

QQ4548 ETA 1735 ex Prominent Hill

Qantas reshuffles International flight

Qantas’s only international flight out of Adelaide be reshuffled to coincide with the airlines recent decision to stop its Mumbai-Singapore leg from May 4th 2012. Under the current schedule the aircraft  which goes up to Singapore as QF81 continues onto Mumbai and then goes back to Singapore and comes back to Adelaide as QF82.

Under the new schedule effective 5th May 2012…

QF81 ADL-SIN remains unchanged however the flights will orginate in Sydney and will not sit on ground all day on a Thursday or Staurday unlike the current schedule. QF82 SIN-ADL however will see a change in days of operations and will end in Sydney. The flights have gone back to a SYD-ADL-SIN-ADL-SYD roation.

New Schedule…

QF81 Dep SYD 1200 Arr ADL 1350 Dep ADL 1500 Arr SIN 2100 (will depart Adelaide
Tuesday’s Thursday’s and Saturday’s)

QF82 Dep SIN 2225 Arr ADL 0640+1 Dep ADL 0750 Arr SYD 1015 (Will arrive in to
Adelaide Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s)