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Cobham (QantasLink) B717 VH-YQY completes Delivery flight


(Cobham Aviation (QantasLink) B717-200 VH-YQY taxiing to its parking area completing its delivery flight) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2016)

Cobham Aviation (QantasLink) B717-200 VH-YQY arrived at 20.35hrs from Broome as ‘Southern Cross 1279‘ thus completing its 3 day delivery flight from Europe to the airline

The routing the aircraft took to be delivered to Adelaide was Norwich via Helsinki-Alexandria- Al Ain-Kolkata-Singapore-Broome and Adelaide. 

Gulfstream 650 N47TR (1st Visit)


(Gulfstream 650 N47TR sitting at its parking area on its visit to Adelaide.) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2016)

Wells Fargo Bank Gulfstream 650 N47TR arrived from Perth at 18.10hrs. After overnighting in Adelaide the aircraft departed to Melbourne, Esendon at 16.25hrs the following day.

This was N47TR’s 1st visit to Adelaide. It was also only the 3rd G650 to ever visit Adelaide.

Double Qantas A330-200’s make 1st visit to Adelaide



Qantas A330-200 VH-EBR arrived from Sydney at 18.25hrs as ‘QF765’. The aircraft departed back to Sydney at 19.35hrs as ‘QF774’. This was EBR’s 1st visit to Adelaide as a Qantas A330, it made many visits to Adelaide yesars ago when VH-EBR was used on Qantas B747-200.



Qantas A330-200 VH-EBC arrived from Melbourne at 18.45hrs as ‘QF696’. The aircraft departed back to Melbourne at 20.00hrs as ‘QF697’. This was EBC’s 1st visit to Adelaide operating with Qantas. It had previously visited on diversion to Adelaide as VH-EBC when it was operating for Jetstar on 15/6/07 and again on 27/1/08.

Careflight Nextant 400 VH-OVS (1st Visit)


(Careflight Beechjet Nextant 400 VH-OVS parked at Cobham for its visit to Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2016) 

Careflight Beechjet Nextant 400 VH-OVS arrived ex. Darwin at 04.25hrs as ‘CFH46’. The aircraft departed back to Darwin at 16.40hrs using the same flight number.

This was the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide, it was the 1st visit of a Beechjet Nextant 400 to Adelaide.