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Gulfstream 450 B-LCK (1st Visit)



(Gulfstream 450 B-LCK parked at Adelaide Airport during its stay) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Gulfstream 450 B-LCK arrived from Kota Kinabalu at 11.10hrs. After spending 4 days in Adelaide the aircraft departed on 29/7/15 to Albury, NSW at 14.00hrs.

This was LCK’s 1st visit to Adelaide. Chinese registered biusiness jets are not to common into Adelaide, hopefully the start of more to come.

Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX (1st Visit) with Liverpool FC on board


(Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX sitting at Bay 16 being unloaded after arriving from Brisbane)


(Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX sitting at Bay 82 during its layover in Adelaide)

Photos by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)


Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX arrived at 20.20hrs from Brisbane as ‘HFY761’. After spending 2.5 days in Adelaide, the aircraft dpearted to Kuala Lumpur at 14.05hrs as ‘HFY721’ on 21/7/15.

This aircraft brought English Premier League side Liverpool FC to Adelaide for the exhibitiojn match against Adelaide United FC on 20/7/15.

This was TFX’s 1st visit to Adelaide and to Australia. This was only the 4th A340-500 to ever visit Adelaide, the last visit was on 9th November 2011 when Etihad Airways A340-500 A6-EHC diverted into Adelaide whilst en route Abu Dhabi-Melbourne.

Lynden Air Cargo P2-LAC (1st Visit)

IMG_2131(Lynden Air Cargo Lockheed L-100-30 P2-LAC sitting at Adelaide Airport on a gloomy winters morning) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Lynden Air Cargo Lockheed L-100-30 P2-LAC arrived at 22.15hrs direct from Port Moresby as ‘LYB 5026’. After night stopping in Adelaide, the aircraft departed to Cairns the following morning at 11.50hrs using the same flight number.
This was Lynden Air ‘s and the P2-LAC 1st visit to Adelaide.

China Southern B787-8 B-2732 diverts to Adelaide


(China Southern B787-8 B-2732 rolling through on Rwy.05 completing its diversion to Adelaide whilst enroute from Guangzhou-Perth)


(China Southern B787-8 B-2732 on pushback from Bay 20R in readiness for its flight back to Perth as ‘CZ319’)


(China Southern B787-8 B-2732 departing off Rwy.05 bound for Perth as ‘CZ319’)

All Photos taken by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)


China Southern B787-8 B-2732 operating ‘CZ319‘ from Guangzhou-Perth arrived into Adelaide at 10.00hrs due to thick fog in the west. After spending a little bit of time in Adelaide and a quick refuel the aircraft departed back to Perth at 11.45hrs  using the same flight number.

This was the 1st visit of B-2732 to Adelaide, it was alost the 1st visit of B787-8 to Adelaide. However it was the 2nd visit by a B787 to Adelaide, the 1st was Air New Zealand B787-9 ZK-NZE back in November 2014.

SAAB Global 6000 SE-RMT (1st Visit)

SE-RMT(SAAB Global 6000 SE-RMT all locked for its stay in Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

SAAB operated Global 6000 SE-RMT arrived from Singapore, Changi at 16.55hrs. After a 1.5 day stay in Adelaide the aircraft departed to Canberra on 13/7/15 at 07.00hrs.

Thsi was the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide.