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Capital Airlines (Deer Jet) Falcon 7X B-8202 (1st Visit)


(Capital Airlines (Deer Jet) Falcon 7X B-8202 parked at the Pokice Air Wing during its stay in Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Capital Airlines (Deer Jet) Falcon 7X B-8202 arrived at 15.35hrs from Perth. The aircraft departed to Sydney on 3/2/14 at 10.10hrs.

This is the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide. It will only be the 3rd ever Falcon 7X to visit Adelaide. Previous visits were by VH-MQK and N8000E.

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXF ‘Now Everyone can fly to Malaysia’ Finally makes a visit

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXF arrived ex. Kuala Lumpur at 09.55hrs as ‘D7246‘. The aircraft departed at 11.20hrs as ‘D7247‘. This aircraft does wear the stunning ‘Now Everyone can fly to Malaysia’ Livery.

This was XXF’s 1st visit to Adelaide in this livery. however it is the 3rd visit for this aircrft as it previously visited in normal Air Asia X livery as diversions from Melbourne.

Qantas A330-200 VH-EBV ‘One World’ Titles (1st Visit)

Qantas A330-200 VH-EBV arrived from Sydney at 11.55hrs as ‘QF741’. The aircraft departed back to Sydney at 13.10hrs as ‘QF752’.

This was EBV’s 1st visit to Adelaide, EBV also sports the ‘One World’ alliance decals on it.

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXO (1st visit)

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXO arrived from Kuala Lumpur at 09.40hrs as ‘D7246‘. The aircraft departed back to Kuala Lumpur at 11.15hrs as ‘D7247‘.


This was XX’s 1st visit to Adelaide since it was delivered on 191/1/14. The aircraft does wear billoard titles saying “Thankyou Captain Park”

Alliance F70 VH-QQV (1st Visit)

Alliance Airlines F028-070 VH-QQV arrived from Brisbane as ‘QQ992‘. The aircraft night stopped in Adelaide before departing to  Pt. Augusta at 06.25hrs. The aircraft departed to Prominant Hill, before returning to Pt. Augusta and back to Adelaide. Since then the aircraft has been based out of Adelaide performing various charters.

This is QQV’s 1st visit to Adelaide. The aircraft is still in Adelaide, and was under going some minor maintenance.

Qantas B747-438ER VH-OEG drops in

VH-OEG (2)

 (Qantas B747-438ER VH-OEG rotating off Rwy.05 bound for its 12 hour journey over the Antarctic) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Qantas B747-438ER VH-OEG arrived from Sydney at 13.20hrs as ‘QF6006‘. The aircraft overnighted in Adelaide and departed the following morning at 07.15hrs as ‘QF2905’ for a 12hr 3 minute scenic flight over Antarctica. The aircraft arrivied back from its sceninc flight at 19.25hrs.

Once again the aircraft night stopped in Adelaide, before departing at 19.10hrs back to Sydney as ‘QF6001‘.

This was VH-OEG’s 1st visit to Adelaide and only the 4th B747-400ER of Qantas to visit Adelaide.

Jetstar Airways A320 VH-VFX (1st visit)

Jetstar Airways A320 VH-VFX arrived ex. Brisbane as ‘JQ768’ at 09.15hrs. The aircraft departed to Brisbane at 10.10hrs as ‘JQ769’.

This was VFV’s 1st visit to Adelaide since it entered service on 25/12/13. The aircraft was delivered on 2/12/13.