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Singapore Cargo B747-400F 9V-SFG makes a visit

Singapore Airlines Cargo B747-412F 9V-SFG arrived from Auckland at 11.20hrs as ‘SQC7289’. The aircraft departed at 13.45hrs to Singapore using the same callsign.

Alliance F70 VH-JFB (1st Visit)

Alliance Airlines F28-0070 VH-JFB made a quick visit to Adelaide for refueling. Arriving from Prominent Hill at 16.00hrs as ‘QQ4549‘ before departing at 17.25hrs to Brisbane as ‘QQ601’.

This was VH-JFB’s 1st visit to Adelaide. The aircraft was delivered to Alliance on 12/4/13. The aircraft sports a hybrid livery, with an Alliance Tail, and blue and white cheatlines which come from one of its former owners Ford Enterprises.

Air New Zealand’s revised livery A320 ZK-OJC visits Adelaide


(Air New Zealand A320-200 ZK-OJC taxiing to the bay. ZK-OJC now wears the revised Air New Zealand livery) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Air New Zealand A320-200 ZK-OJC arrived from Auckland as ‘NZ791′ at 10.25hrs. The aircraft departed back to Auckland as ‘NZ792‘ at 12.20hrs.

Although ZK-OJC is a common visitor to Adelaide. Today was a special occasion, with  this aircraft now wearing Air New Zealand’s  revised livery making its 1st appearance into Adelaide. The main features of the revised livery is the tail has gone from the traditional green livery to a Black tail and white logo.

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STV (1st Visit)


(Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STV rotating off Rwy.05 bound for Singapore as SQ278) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Singapore Airlines brand new A330-300 9V-STV arrived from Singapore at 07.50hrs as ‘SQ279‘. The aircraft departed at 10.55hrs as ‘SQ278‘.

This was STV’s 1st visit to Adelaide as well as its 1st visit to Australia. The aircraft was delivered 21/6/13

VistaJet Global Express 9H-VJA (1st Visit)

Making a very quick visit this evening was VistaJet owned Global Express 9H-VJA. The aircraft arrived from Sydney at 21.40hrs as ‘VJT741‘,  before departing at 22.55 hours to Hong  Kong using the same flight number.

This is the 1st visit by this aircraft to Adelaide. This was the 2nd visit of a Vistajet owned aircraft to Adelaide as well as the 2nd visit of a Maltese registered aircraft to Adelaide. The other 9H- aircraft to visit Adelaide was Comlux Aviation A318 9H-AFL which was used by rock Band ACDC.

Jetstar Airways A320 VH-VFO (1st Visit)

VH-VFO(Jetsar Airways A320 VH-VFO taxiing for departure back to Sydney as JQ767) Photo By Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Jetsar Airways A320 VH-VFO arrived from Sydney 13.35hrs as ‘JQ766‘. The aircraft departed at 14.30hrs as ‘JQ767‘ back to Sydney.

This was VFO’s 1st visit to Adelaide since being delivered 9/6/13 and entering service on 21/6/13. This is the 2nd Jetstar A320 to be fitted with Sharklets.

AVWest Global Express M-ATAR (1st Visit)

M-ATAR(AVWest owned Global Express M-ATAR taxiing for departure) Photo By Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013) 

AVWest owned Global Express M-ATAR arrived from the Gold Coast at 07.42hrs. The aircraft departed at 12.12hrs back to the Gold Coast.

This aircraft is being leased by mining magnat Clive Palmer to promote his new political Party ‘Palmer United’.


Singapore Cargo B747-412F 9V-SFO makes a visit


(Singapore Cargo B747-412F 9V-SFO taxiing to the bay after arriving from Auckland as SQ7291) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Singapore Cargo B747-412F 9V-SFO arrived ex. Auckland at 11.25hrs as ‘SQ7291‘. The aircraft departed Adelaide at 14.25hrs bound for Singapore using the same flight number.

This was 9V-SFO’s 1st visit to Adelaide in quite sometime. Singapore Cargo appear to becoming a common sight into Adelaide Airport, flights seem to be operating every fortnight routing Auckland-Adelaide Singapore.

Alliance F70 VH-QQR (1st visit)


(Alliance F70 VH-QQR parked at Bay 27 this morning prior to its departure to Prominent Hill) Photo by Tony Hyanes (Copyright 2013))

Alliance Airlines F28-0070 VH-QQR made a quick visit to Adelaide for refueling. Arriving from Prominent Hill at 16.40hrs as ‘QQ4549‘ before departing at 17.25hrs to Essendon. VH-QQR returned back to Adelaide this morning en-route Essendon-Prominent Hill as ‘QQ4540’. Arriving at 10.27hrs, the aircraft departed at 11.36hrs.

 This was QQR’s 1st visit to Adelaide. This is only the 3rd ever F70 to visit Adelaide, with fellow Alliance F70’s VH-QQX and VH-QQY the only other visitors

Virgin Australia A330-200 VH-XFA diverts to Adelaide


(Virgin Australia A330-200 VH-XFA taxiing for departure bound for Sydney as ‘VA9501‘) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Virgin Australia A330-200 VH-XFA operating ‘VA564‘ en-route Perth-Sydney diverted to Adelaide this evening, arriving at 21.20hrs. The aircraft overnighted in Adelaide and departed to Sydney at 10.45hrs as ‘VA9501‘.

The reason for the diversion was due to bad weather in Sydney would enable the aircraft to be put in a holding pattern, due to Sydney having a curfew beginning at 23.00hrs, the aircraft felt it would not make it in by the curfew.