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Qantas B737-800 VH-VZU ‘Qantas Loves Ellen’

(Qantas B737-800 VH-VZU rolling down Rwy.23 bound for Melbourne as QF694 on 28/2/13 wearing its ‘Qantas Loves Ellen’ decals) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

Qantas B737-838 VH-VZU made a visit to Adelaide on 27/3/13 sporitng ‘Qantas Loves Ellen’. The aircraft arrived from Brisbane at 11.23hrs as ‘QF661‘, before departing to Perth as ‘QF587‘ at 12.45hrs. It was seen again the following day on 28/3/13 operating QF693/694 ADL-MEL-ADL.

The declas ‘Qantas Loves Ellen’ represent the airline as the offical carrier of Ellen DeGeneres for her tour around Australia. Although these visits to Adelaide by VZU did not have the famous talk show host on noard, the airline appears to have left the decals on during here visit. The aircraft flew Ellen and her entourage from Sydney-Melbourne early in the week.

B737-300 VH-NLK makes a visit

(Former Norfolk Air B737-300 VH-NLK sitting at Bay 101, awaiting its next flight) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Former Norfolk Air B737-300 VH-NLK arrived at 19.40hrs from Port Headland as ‘RON903‘ on 25/3/13. After overnighting, the aircraft departed to Darwin at 12.00hrs as ‘RON904‘.

This was only VH-NLK’s 3rd Visit to Adelaide.  The 1st & 2nd visits occured on the same day 17/7/12. Back then the aircraft still had ‘Norfolk Air’ titles. This time the aircraft has lost its ‘Norfolk Air’ titles but still retains the colour scheme.

Falcon 50 N750LQ (1st visit)


 (QMC Aviation LLC owned Falcon 50 N750LQ parked at the General Aviation terminal) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

QMC Aviation LLC owned Falcon 50 N750LQ arrived at 19.50hrs from Brisbane. The aircraft flew Pappette- Brisbane earlier today.

Gulfstream 5 N36GV makes a visit

(Wells Fargo Bank owned Gulfstream 5 N36GV  Touching down on Rwy23.) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Wells Fargo Bank owned Gulfstream 5 N36GV arrived from Sydney at 15.05hrs. It departed back to Sydney at 22.15hrs. This aircraft is not a common visitor to Adelaide. Athough based in Sydney it has only made a handfull of visits to Adelaide.

Global Express C-GHSW (1st visit)


(Skyservice Business Aviation Global Express C-GHSW taxiing tot he bay on a dark day in Adelaide) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Skyservice Business Aviation owned Global Express C-GHSW made a short visit to Adelaide today, arriving from Essendon at 12.50hrs. The aircraft departed back to Essendon at 15.50hrs.


Malaysia A330-300 9M-MTK (1st Visit)

 (Malaysia Airlines A330-300 9M-MTK departing of Rwy.05 bound for Kuala Lumpur as MH136) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Malaysia Airlines newest A330-300 9M-MTK made its 1st visit today arriving at 08.06hrs as ‘MH139′ from Kuala Lumpur, and departing back to Kuala Lumpur at 10.09hrs as ‘MH136′.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECQ (1st visit)

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECQ arrived as ‘EK440’ from Dubai at 20.52hrs, completing its 11hrs 43min flight.

HS125-700 RP-C5998 (1st Visit)

(Executive Jets Asia Bae125-700B RP-C5998 all parked up at the GA Terminal) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

Executive Jets Asia Bae125-700B RP-C5998 arrived from Broome at 21.02hrs. After night stopping  the aircraft departed the following day back to Broome at 12.15hrs

Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAZ (1st Visit)

(Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAZ performing its ‘Go Around (Missed Approach)’ on Rwy.23) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

(Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAZ on final approach to Rwy. 23 as CX105 from Hong Kong. This was the aircraft’s 2nd approach into Adelaide) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

 (Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAZ turning onto the holding point ready for departure to Melbourne as CX104) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

 Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAZ arrived from Hong Kong as ‘CX105′ at 11.03hrs. This aircraft would have arrived at 10.55hrs, however whilst on final approach to Runway 23 , it performed a ‘ Go-around (missed approach)’. Therefore the aircraft had to go back and perform its approach again. It the departed at 12.49hrs as ‘CX104‘ to Melbourne. This was its 1st visit to Adelaide.

B-LAZ was delivered to Cathay Pacific on 23/2/13. Adelaide was the last destination for this aircraft to make its 1st visit.

Hong Kong Jet Gulfstream 550 B-KHJ (1st visit)

(Hong Kong Jet owned Gulfstream 550 B-KHJ touching down on Runway 23 this evening)

Hong Kong Jet owned Gulfstream 550 B-KHJ arrived at 19.00hrs today. This was the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide.