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Qantas B737-800 VH-VXG ‘Bring it on’ comes to Adelaide

(Qantas B737-800 VH-VXG Touching down on Rwy.23 on its 2nd visit to Adelaide)   Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Qantas B737-800 VH-VXG arrived from Melbourne as ‘QF701′ at 19.45hrs. The aircraft is scheduled to depart tomorrow morning as QF670 back to Melbourne.

This aircraft  had ‘Bring it on’ decals applied to it, in order to promote the Australian rugby team up coming series against The England Lions which will be held in Australia.



Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECT (1st visit)

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECT arrived as ‘EK440’ from Dubai at 20.52hrs, completing its 11hrs 58min flight. The aircraft departed as ‘EK441’ at 22.27hrs on its 13hrs 5min flight  to Dubai.

TBM950 N889JG makes a visit

(Socata TBM850 N889JG parking at the General Aviation Terminal at Adelaide Airport)  Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Hallin AviationINC owned Socata TBM850 N889JG arrived at Adelaide at 19.56hrs completing its 3hrs 48mins fligt from Jandakot Airport, WA.

Singapore Air Force PC21’s pay Adelaide a visit

(Singapore Air Force PC21 9105 parked at Adelaide Airport)  Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

(Singapore Air Force PC21 9110 parked at Adelaide Airport)  Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

2 Singapore Air Force PC21’s made a quick visit to Adelaide this morning. Serial 9105 and 9110 arrived from Western Australia and departed Adelaide for Avalon Airport in rediness for the Australian International Airshow.

Storms in Melbourne brings diversions to Adelaide

Heavy thunderstorms over Melbourne Airport tonight caused lots of delays and holding patterns for many flights. For some it got to boring going around in circles so they decided to divert to Adelaide….

(Emirates A380-800 A6-EDC taxiing to the bay after diverting to Adelaide as EK407) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

(Emirates A380-800 A6-EDC and Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECO parked side by side at Adelaide Airport ) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

Emirates Airlines A380-800 A6-EDC en-route Auckland-Melbourne as ‘EK407‘ was the 2nd to arrive at 21.35hrs. After re-fueling the aircraft departed for Melbourne as ‘EK407’ at 23.10hrs. This was the 1st ever visit of an Emirates A380 to Adelaide.


(Thai Airways B777-200ER HS-TJS pulling into Bay 18 after sitting on the taxiway for more than 1hr) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

 Thai Airways B777-200ER HS-TJS was the final diversion tonight, enroute Bangkok-Melbourne as ‘TG461‘ arrived into Adelaide at 21.40hrs. After sitting down the end of the runway until a gate at the terminal was empty to re-fuel , then finally making its way to the terminal, the aircraft departed back  to Melbourne at 23.57hrs as ‘TG4619‘. This was the 2nd ever Thai Airways aircraft to visit Adelaide. Our last visit was by a B747-400 which diverted in over 15 years ago.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBY (1st visit)

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBY arrived as ‘EK440’ from Dubai at 20.46hrs, completing its 11hrs 58min flight. The aircraft departed as ‘EK441’ at 22.23hrs on its 12hrs 51min flight  to Dubai.

Challenger 604 VH-VSZ (1st Visit)

(Execujet Airlines CL604 VH-VSZ. Touching down in on Rwy.23 making its 1st visit to Adelaide)  Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Execujet Australia Pty Ltd. owned Challenger 604 VH-VSZ arrived from Sydeny at 17.20hrs. This aircraft was 1st registered in Australia in July 2012. This is its 1st visit to Adelaide since being in the country.

China Southern Charter No.2


 (China Southern B77-200ER B-2056. CZ6017 from Guangzhou on final approach on Rwy. 05)  Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Making its 2nd visit to Adelaide in as many weeks was China Southern B777-200ER B-2056 arrived into Adelaide from Guangzhou at 09.54hrs as ‘CZ6017‘. The aircraft departed at 13.10hrs back to Guangzhou as ‘CZ6018‘.  This was the 2nd of 2 charters fr Chniese New Year. This charter was to take tourist back to Guangzhou who came to Adelaide to celebrate Chines New Year. The same aircraft brought in the tourists using the same flight numbers last week.


Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBR (1st visit)

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBR arrived as ‘EK440’ from Dubai at 20.38hrs, completing its 11hrs 50min flight.  The aircraft departed as ‘EK441’ at 22.339hrs on its 12hrs 28min flight  to Dubai.

RFDS WA. Hawker 800XP VH-RIO makes a visit

Royal Flying Doctor Services, WA division Hawker 800XP VH-RIO arrived into Adelaide from Perth at 13.25hrs. After a short stop it departed back to Perth at 15.00hrs.