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RAAF A330 MRTT A39-004 & Hifly A340-300 CS-TQM make a visit

(RAAF A330-MRTT A39-004 taxiing for departure at Adelaide Airport) Photo by Tony Haynes

RAAF A330 MRTT A39-004 made a suprise visit to Adelaide Airport on 27/9/12. It touched down at 18.10hrs. Also arriving tonight was Hifly A340-300 CS-TQM made a suprise visit to Adelaide, arrivng at 19.10hrs from Sydney.

Cobham Aviation maintenance aircraft swapover

Cobham Aviaiton did an aircraft maintenance swapover today, with RJ100 VH-NJQ arriving from Perth at 14.55hrs. This aircraft was delivered to Cobham’s headqaurters in Adelaide in mid 2010 regisatered G-BZAU. Later in the year it was flown to Perth and based out of thir for Cobhams many FIFO services.


(Cobham Aviation RJ100 VH-NJQ taxiing to its parking bay after arrivng from Perth)


VH-NJQ’s sistership BAE146-300 VH-NJL departed Adelaide at 16.20hrs to Perth, after completing its minor maintenaince in Adelaide. The aircraft arrived late last week, possibly Thursday or Friday, no confirmation on its arrival date.

(Cobham Aviation BAE146-300 VH-NJL waiting for its departure back to Perth)

New Jetstar A320 VH-VFJ 1st visit

Jetstar Airways brand new A320 VH-VFJ made its 1st visit to Adelaide tonight, arriving from Perth at 21.05hrs as ‘JQ975’. The aircraft departed at 21.55hrs to Melbourne as ‘JQ775’. The aircraft was delivered on  12/10/12 and entered revenue service with Jetsar yesteday 27/10/12.

Adelaide Airport 27/10/12

A brilliant afternoon in Adelaide, made it the perfect opputunity to do some photography.

Skywest A320 VH-FNP arrived from Christamas Island at 16.25hrs. The aircraft is currently under tow to bay 101 where it will overnight. Photo by Tony Haynes

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STE lining up for departure back to Singapore as SQ276. Singapore Airlines operate 10 flights a week to Adelaide, The operate daily flights arriving at 0850, departing at 1250 and they operated 3 flights a week (Monday, Tuesday and Staurday) arriving at 1650 and departing at 1800. Photo by Tony Haynes

A small yet colourful lineup of tails at the Adelaide Airport terminal, on a glorious Saturday afternoon. Photo by Tony Haynes

OK Tedi mining DHC8-100 VH-JSJ. This aircraft has been sitting in Adelaide for a few months. One of the very rare opputunities to see it in a photgraphable postiiton. Photo by Tony Haynes

Global 5000 N755RA arrives

(Asia Aviation Co Pty Ltd Global 5000 N755RA all locked up on a cloudy morning in Adelaide)

Asia Aviation Co Pte Ltd owned Global 5000 N755RA arrived into Adelaide this evening at 17.45hrs from Auckland. After day stopping Adelaide t is due to depart at 17.30hrs to Essendon.

Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAQ 1st visit.

(Cathay Pacific A330-300 B-LAQ rolling through Rwy 05 after arriving from Hong Kong as CX105) Photo by Tony Haynes

Cathay Pacific Airways A330-300 B-LAQ arrived ex. Hong Kong at 10.26hrs as ‘CX105’.  It departed to Melbourne at 12.10hrs as ‘CX104’.

This was be LAQ‘s 1st visit to Adelaide. It will also be its 1st flight with Cathay Pacific since the aircraft was delivered on 17/10/12.

MASkargo B747-400F 9M-MPS back again

(MASkargo B747-400F 9M-MPS parked up at bay 82, waiting for its flight back to Kuala Lumpur later in the evening) Photo by Tony Haynes.

Making its 2nd visit within 4 days is MASkargo B747-400F 9M-MPS. Arriving from Avalon, Victoria at 06.35hrs as ‘MH6406‘. After a long layover in Adelaide the aircraft departed at 18.35hrs to Kuala Lumpur as ‘MH6408’.

Singapore Airlines to increase to 12 flights a week from July 2013.

More good news for International flights from Adelaide with Singapore Airlines increaseing to 12 flights a week on a permanent basis from 3/7/13. This will take Adelaide to 92 International flights in/out a week from Adelaide. All flights are to be operated by A330-300’s.

SQ279 Dep SIN 2355  Arr ADL 0810+1

SQ278 Dep ADL 1140 Arr SIN 1735

Operates on a DAILY basis

SQ277 Dep SIN 0735 Arr ADL 1550

SQ276 Dep ADL 1705 Arr SIN 2300

Operates all days except Tuesday and Wednesday

Global Express VH-LAW makes a visit

(Global Express VH-LAW all parked up for its short stay in Adelaide) Photo By Tony Haynes

Global Express VH-LAW arrived at 08.00hrs from Essendon. After spending the day in Adelaide the aircraft departed a 17.00hrs back to Essendon.

MASkargo B747-400F comes to town

(MASkargo B747-400F 9M-MPS touching down on runway 23 from Sydney as MH6208) Photo by Tony Haynes

MASkargo B747-400F 9M-MPS arrived into Adelaide this morning at 11.00hrs from Sydney as ‘MH6208’. After a short stop in Adelaide the aircraft departed to Kuala Lumpur as ‘MH6208’ at 13.55hrs.