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Cessna 560 VH-WFE

(Citation 560 VH-WFE, seen parked at the GA Terminal after arriving from Essendon) Photo by Tony Haynes

\Making its 1st visit yesterday 30/8/12 was Cessna Citaion 560 VH-WFE. The aircraft arrived from Essendon at 10.45hrs, after a brief stopover it departed back to Essendon at 14.20hrs.

Asia Pacific Airlines/OK Tedi Mining DHC8-100 Swap Over

(Asia Pacific Airlines DHC8-100 P2-NAZ arriving in some gloomy Adelaide weather on 25/8/12) Photo by Tony Haynes

For many years now Papua New Guniean registered DHC8-100’s P2-NAX and P2-NAZ have been coming to Adelaide for Cobham Aviation to perform routine maintainence.

P2-NAX which arrived in Adelaide from Cairns via Ballera on 11/8/12 at 14.00hrs, departed Adelaide after short mainatainence on 24/8/12 at 12.25hrs to Cairns via Ballera.

Sistership, P2-NAZ arrived into Adelaide on 25/8/12 from Cairns via Ballera at 12.00hrs for planned maintainence.

Another MASkargo makes a visit….

(MASkargo B747-400F 9M-MPR taxying for departure to Kuala Lumpur) Photo by Tony Haynes 

 MASkargo B747-400F 9M-MPR made a very rare visit to Adelaide today. Arriving from Sydney as ‘MH6208’ at 11.30hrs , it departed to Kuala Lumpur using the same flight number at 13.55hrs.

Over the past couple of years MASkargo have been perforking charters into Adelaide, most of which have been operated by B747-400F 9M-MPS or Southern Air B747-200F. 9M-MPR has not visited Adelaide for 1.5 years.

Alliance F100 swap over…

(Alliance F100 VH-XWN, parked at Bay 01 preparing for its ferry flight up to Brisbane) Photo by Tony Haynes

Today saw another maintainence swapover of 2 Allaince Fokker 100’s. VH-XWN which arrived in Adelaide for minor maintainence on 15/8/12, departed Adelaide at 14.45hrs to Brisbane as ‘UTY990’.

Sistership, VH-XWP arrived this evening from Brisbane at 20.10hrs as ‘UTY991’. This is VH-XWP 2nd visit to Adelaide, its 1st visit was when it was delivered to Adelaide on delivery to Alliance back in 2011.

Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-YIO

Virgin Australia newest B737-800 VH-YIO made its 1st visit to Adelaide today 22/8/12. The aircraft arrived from Denpasar, Bali as ‘DJ4194’ at 07.05hrs. It departed back to Denpasar at 12.30hrs as ‘DJ4195.’

Fokker 50 OO-VLV now changed to VH-FKO

(Alliance Airlines F50 VH-FKO, now all white and awaiting to be painted into Alliance colours)

Alliance Airlines newest Fokker 50 VH-FKO appeared outside the hanger yesterday wearing its new registration and in an all white livery. The aircraft arrived in Adelaide via many stops enroute from Europe July 29 wearing basic City Jet airlines and rego OO-VLV.

Another Virgin Australia 1st visitor…

(Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-YIM. Taxying for departure back to Denpasar as DJ4195)

Another day, Another new Virgin Australia 1st visitor. Today B737-800 VH-YIM made its 1st visit to Adelaide. arriving from Denpasar, Indonesia as ‘DJ4194’ at 07.20hrs, It departed back to Denpasar at 12.30hrs as ‘DJ4195’.

Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-YIL

Virgin Australia B737-800 B737-800 VH-YIL made its 1st visit to Adelaide today. The aircraft arrived from  Sydney at 15.05hrs as ‘DJ422’, it departed back to Sydney as ‘DJ427’ at 16.15hrs.

Alliance F100 VH-XWN

Alliance Airlines F100 VH-XWN arrived from Brisbane at 18.50hrs as ‘Unity 991’. The aircraft arrived for planned maintainence with the airlines Adelaide operations. It is understood that XWN is all white, and was confirmed on 19/8/12 when it was noted through the hanger doors.

This is VH-XWN’s 2nd visit to Adelaide, its only visit was on 26/2/12.

Adelaide Airport 12/8/12

A mixed day in Adelaide today with 4 out of 6 international flights sticking to schedule. Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and Air Ner Zealand all sticking to their respective schedules. However…

(Malaysia Airlines A330-300X 9M-MTF touching down on rwy.23 from Kuala Lumpur (via Jakarta) today)

Malaysia Airlines A330-300 9M-MTF made a very rare late arrival today. The aicraft departed Kuala Lumpur on schedule. However, a passenger fell ill during the flight and the flight was forced to divert to Jakarta, Indonesia. 9M-MTF arrived into the Indonesian capital at 21.55LTand departed at 01.55Lt. MH139 eventually arrived into Adelaide at 09.55hrs, a delay of just under 3 hours. Since today’s flight was a morning departure to Kuala Lumpur, MH136 departed 2 hours late at 11.20hrs.

Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-YIE arrived as scheduled from Denpsar, Indonesia at 07.55hrs. However, instead of departing back to Denpasar at 12.20, VH-YIE switched to domestic operations and departed to Sydney at 09.15hrs. Sistership B737-800 VH-YIB arrived from Denpasar, Indonesia at 15.25hrs as DJ4192 (delayed from 11/8/12), and departed as a 6 hour delayed DJ4195 Back to Denpasar at 18.00hrs.

(Cathay Pacific A330-300X B-LAO touching down on rwy.23 from Hong Kong today)

One of the on time perfomres for the day, Cathay Pacific sent in newest A330-300 B-LAO for its second visit to Adelaide. The aircraft arrived from Hong Kong at 10.10hrs. It then continued to Melbourne as CX104 at 11.55hrs.