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Adelaide Airport 24/6/12

A couple of interesting movmeents at Adelaide Airport today 24/6/12…

(Learjet 35 VH-ESM taxying to its parking bay after arriving from Nawra, NSW ) Photo by Tony Haynes

Raytheon owned Learjet 35 VH-ESM arrived from Nowra, NSW at 11.00hrs. The aircraft departed at 14.30hrs to Kalgoorlie, WA. This aircraft is not very common into Adelaide.

Cobham Aviation B717-200 VH-NXR made an appreance operating the twwice weekly Kalgoorlie flight. The aircraft arrived from Kalgoorlie at 14.50hrs operating as ‘QF1878’. The aircraft later departed back to Kalgoorlie at 15.50 as ‘QF1879’. This was VH-NXR’s 1st appearance to Adelaide operating a revenue service. VH-NXR is a relativley new aircraft to the airlines fleet. It was only delivered in ealry April. Since it departed Adelaide in early Mau it has been based in Perth and operating various routes from there.

Alliance F100 VH-XWQ

Alliance Airlines F100 VH-XWQ arrived from Brisbane today 21/6/12 as ‘Unity 992’ at 13.15hrs.

This is XWQ’s 1st visit to Adelaide. It is unsure whther the aircraft is here for maintainence with Alliance or it is to replace sitership VH-XWT which has been operating to Prominent Hill  3 days a week.

Cessna Citation 525B D-CWIR

(Cessna Citation 525B D-CWIR Parked at Cobham Aviation)

Wirtgen Group owned Cessna Citation 525B D-CWIR arrived in Adelaide today 20/6/12 from Sydney at 15.25hrs. The aircraft did not hang around long. It departed to Perth at 16.10hrs.

This was D-CWIR’s 2nd visit to Adelaide, its last visit was back on /8/09 where it operated the same routing Sydney-Adelaide-Perth.

Challenger 604 VH-URR

(Challenger 604 VH-URR taken in Sydney on 21/1/12)

Avwest owned Challenger 604 VH-URR made a quick visit to Adelaide in the early hours of Saturday morning 16/6/12.The aircraft arrived from Perth at 02.00hrs and departed back to Perth at 03.00hrs.

This was VH-URR’s 1st visit to Adelaide.

Adelaide Airport- A330 city

With the two diversions from Perth this morning (see preivous post), It took the total A330 count in Adelaide this morning between 0700 & 080 to 6 (4 scheduled, 2 diversions), which is a record for the airport.

1. Qantas A330-301 VH-QPI which arrived as QF82 from Singpore. It then departrd to Sydney

2. Malaysia A330-300 9M-MTG which arrived as MH139 and departed as MH136 (see previous post)

3. Qantas A330-301 VH-QPE, which diverte in from Perth

4. Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STM which arrived at 0745 from Singapore as ‘SQ279’. This aircraft hasd to sit on the taxiway for around 45mins due to no parking space at the main terminal. After Malaysia Airlines had departed, 9V-STM was towed to the gate.

5. Qantas A330-301 VH-QPD, which diverted in from Perth.

6. RAAF A330-200MRTT A39-003,  This aircraft arrived Thursday evening 14/6/12 at 21.15hrs. This aircraft departed at 14.15hrs.

More Diversions to Adelaide

Diversions struck Adelaide again today, this time 2 aircraft diverting from Perth due to fog.

Qantas A330-301 VH-QPE operating ‘QF72’ enroute Singapore-Perth, arrived into Adelaide this morning at 07.40hrs. It has since departed to Perth at 08.45hrs.

Qantas A330-301 VH-QPD operating ‘QF68’ enroute Hong Kong-Perth, arrived into Adelaide this morning at 08.45hrs. The aircraft departed at 09.30hrs to Perth.

New Malaysia A330-300 1st visit

(Malaysia A330-300 9M-MTG, taxying to Rwy.05 for departure to Kuala Lumpur as MH136) Phot Taken by Tony Haynes

Malaysia Airlines A330-300 9M-MTG arrived at 06.55hrs from Kuala Lumpur as ‘MH139’. It is scheduled to depart at 09.00hrs back to Kuala Lumpur as ‘MH136’.

This is 9M-MTG’s 1st visit to Adelaide since being delivered to the airline on 31/5/12.

Learjet 35 HS-CFS

(Learjet 35 HS-CFS Taxying for Departure to Sydney) Photo by Tony Haynes

Chiron Flight Services Learjet 35 HS-CFS arrived in Adelaide this morning at 07.20hrs from Port Headland. It didn’t saty long, departng to Sydney at 08.20hrs.

This was the aircraft 1st visit to Adelaide. This particular aircraft is used for medical flights. It is understd it is based in Denpasar,Bali.

Diversions 13/6/12

Adelaide has received 3 diversions today. 2 were for medical reasons and 1 due to poor weather.

Qantas B767-338ER VH-OGU operating ‘QF481’ enroute Melboure- Perth arrived into Adelaide at 01.40hrs due to poor weather in Perth. The passengers were put up in hotels and then resumed their journey to perth on board B737-838 VH-VXE departing at 12.20hrs as ‘QF8481’. After its long stay in Adelaide VH-OGU is departed to Melbourne as QF694 at 18.15hrs.

Qantas A330-202 VH-EBO operating ‘QF580’ enroute Perth-Sydney arrived into Adelaide at 17.15 due to sick passenger on board. The aircraft has since continued its journey to Sydney and departed Adelaide at 17.55hrs. This was VH-EBO’s 1st visit to Adelaide.

Tiger Airways A320-232 VH-VNG operating ‘TT184’ enroute Melbourne-Perth arrived into Adelaide at 17.35hrs due to a sick passenger on baord. The aircraft departed at 19.25hrs continuing its journey to Perth. This is only the second Tiger Airways aircraft to visit Adelaide since the airline pulled out of Adelaide in 2010.


MASKargo B747-400F visit

(B747-4H6F9M-MPS taxying for departure back to kuala Lumpur as MH6204) Photo by: Tony Haynes

B747-4H6F 9M-MPS arrived into Adelaide tonight at 19.15hrs from Sydney as ‘MH6204’. After night stopping in Adelaide, the aircraft departed as ‘MH6204’ to Kuala Lumpur at 09.20hrs.

This is the 1st visit of MASKargo to Adelaide in 2012. Last visit was in September 2011 when N761SA of Southern Air operated the flight on behalf of MASKargo. Over the past couple of years Adelaide has seen a number of MASKargo freighters which usually visit to take out livestock to Asia and beyond.