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QantasLink DHC8-400 VH-QOI ‘Tamworth Livery’

QantasLink (Sunstate Airlines) DHC8-402 VH-QOI made its 1st visit to Adelaide yesterday arriving as QF2069 from Melbourne. VH-QOI sports decals promoting the 40th Anniversary of the Tamworth Country Music Festival. After operating 2 flights to Port Lincoln it has since departed back to Melbourne as QF2066 at 10:50hrs. It is scheduled to return operating as QF2069 this afternoon.

QantasLink operate DHC8-400 flights to Port Linvcoln 4 x a day to Port Lincoln (Monday, Thursday and Friday) 3x a day (Tuesday and Wednesday) and twice a day on Weekedns. They also operate 4 flights a week to Melbourne (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday), this is used to swap the aircraft around for maintainance and rotation purposes.

Alliance F100 VH-XWT

Alliance F100 VH-XWT arrived from Brisbane around 16:15

Ex Singapore Air Force S-211 visits

Ex Singapore Air force S-211 VH-DZJ visited YPAD arriving at 12:50 from Mangalore via Horsham. This aircraft type is no stranger to S.A. spotters as there are 2 based at Goolwa.

German Medivac Learjet 60

FAI Airservice Learjet 60 D-CSLT arrived from Broome as IFA2196 at 01:35hrs today. This is not the 1st time Adelaide has seen an aircraft belonging to FAI Airserice fleet. About twice or three times a year Adelaide receives these flights as Medical flights.


Diversions 21/4/12

Heavy fog at both Sydney and Melbourne airports this morning led to some aircraft from both airports being forced to divert to Adelaide.

Sydney Diverions

Qantas A330-301 VH-QPB arrived at 0605hrs as QF 42 enroute Jakarta-Sydney. VH-QPB departed at 08:15hrs to Sydney.

Qantas A380-842 VH-OQG arrived at 06:2hrs as QF2 enroute London-Singapore-Sydney. VH-OQG departed at 08:55hrs to Sydney. This was the 3rd A380 that has been to Adelaide. 2 of which have been diversions. This was OQG’s 1st visit to Adelaide.

Melbourne Diversions

Virgin Australia B737-8FE ZK-PBJ arrived at 09:00hrs as PB165 enroute Auckland Melbourne. ZK-PBJ departed as DJ9200 at 12:20hrs. ZK-PBJ is the 1st aircraft in the Pacific Blue New Zealand fleet to wear the new Virgin Australia livery.  This was PBJ’s 1st visit to Adelaide.

Jetstar A330-201 VH-EBB arrived at 10:34hrs as JQ8Z enroute Beijing-Singapore-Melbourne. VH-EBB  departed as JQ7991 at 18:00hrs to Melbourne.

Alliance FK100 maintainance swap over

As part of the airlines expansion into Adelaide, over the past few months Alliance have been doing overhaul maintainance on some of the airlines FK100 fleet.

VH-FKJ which arrived into Adelaide on 13/3/12 completed its maintainence checks today and departed to Brisbane at 16:40hrs as ‘Unity 996’.

It was replaced by sistership VH-FKG which arrived at 20:20hrs this evening from Brisbane as ‘Unity 997’.

Bizjets 17/4/12

A couple of 1st time visitors to Adelaide today.

The 1st being Cessna 525 Mustang VH-JOS which arrived at 09:30hra from Albury, NSW. It departed at 12:30hrs back to Albury.

The 2nd visitor was Falcon 2000 N700FL which arrived at 13:20hrs from Kingscote.

The aircraft arrived in Kingscote from Hobart at 12:15hrs and after a short 30min stoppver daprted for Adelaide.

QANTAS Bio-Fuel Commercial Flight

Adelaide today had the pleasure of being the first destination is Australia for a commercial flight running on Bio-Fuel. The QANTAS A330 aircraft (VH-EBP) made the trip from Sydney to Adelaide running the starboard engine on a 50/50 mix of cooking oil & Jet A1. The aircraft arrived just after 12pm and departed around 1:45pm.

Air Asia X diversion

Due to a blanket of fog in Perth this morning, it resulted in
Air Asia X diverting to Adelaide enroute Kuala Lumpur-Perth. The flight was operated by A330-300 9M-XXA. it arrived at 09:50hrs and at 11:00hrs, back to Perth.

This is Air Asia’s 3rd diversion to Adelaide. On the prevcious two occsadions 9M-XXF diverted enroute Kuala Lumpur -Melbourne.

New Qantaslink B717 VH-NXR arrives (with N904ME on it…)

Completing its delviery flight from the U.S taday was new Qantaslink (Cobhma Aviation) B717-200 VH-NXR. The aircraft arrived with its previous operators registration on it which was N904ME. It used the callsign ‘Southern Cross 918’ where it arrived into Adelaide at 12:15hrs.

The aircraft arrived started its delviery flight on 1/4/10 in Miami, then went onto to Billings, logan International Airport, then onto Anchorage. After a delay into Anchorage it departed to Sokol Airport in Russia. From there it went to Manila then finally arriving on Australian soil on 7/4/12 where it night stopped in Darwin. Today 7/4/12 it departed Darwin finally reaching its final destination in Adelaide.