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New Jetstar A320 1st visit

Brand new Jetstar A320 VH-VFD made its 1st visit to Adelaide this evening arriving as JQ766 from Sydney at 1845hrs. It departed at 1915hrs back to Sydney as JQ767

Photo by : Ryan H

One Year ago Today- Qatar C17

One year ago to that day on 28/1/11 Adelaide Airport was greeted by probably Australia’s best movment of 2011, that would be the visit by  Qatar Air Force C17 A7-MAB. The aicraft landed from Jakarta Halim Airport at 1132hrs and departed 24 hours later back to Halim.

The aircraft then returned afew days later on 3/2/11 arriving at 0700 and departing the following day at 1030.

Tour Down Under Traffic at Aldinga Airfield

It’s been a bit quiet at Adelaide Airport this week, so i decided to pay a visit to Aldinga Airfield to see what aircraft were operating for the Tour Down Under bike race.

Cessna Citation CJ1 VH-TFW stops over on delivery

Cessna Citation CJ1 VH-TFW stops over on delivery. You can see the previous German reg underneath the peeling VH reg.

Cathay Pacific Cargo 13/7/11


Cathay Cargo 747-467F B-HUH operated yet another flight to Adelaide today. It arrived at 1903 from Hong Kong as CX8023. It departed at 2125 back to Hong Kong as CX8022.

Photo 1: B-HUH touching down on Runway 23.

Photo 2: B-HUH taxying to bay 27.

B767’s galore- 13/7/11

Today , saw a rare occurance at Adelaide Airpot with 6 Qantas flights be operated by B767′-300. 5 of which were upgraded to the B767 instead of being operated by B737’s, with one flight already scheduled as a B767’s on a weekly basis.

Deatails below….

QF739 from Sydney ETA 0955, Departed as QF750 to Sydney at 1050 (operated by VH-OGS)

QF679 From Melbourne ETA 1100, Departed as QF682 to Melbourne at 1140 (Operated by VH-OGN)

QF661 From Brisbane ETA 1135, Departed as QF736 to Sydney at 1215 (Operated by VH-OGR)

QF590 from Perth ETA 1140, Departed as QF662 to Brisbane at 1250 (operated by VH-OGE)

*QF759 from Sydney ETA 1600 , Departed as QF764 to Sydney at 1655 (operated by VH-OGU)

QF761 from Sydney ETA 1655 , Departs as QF766 to Sydney at 1755 (Operated by VH-OGL)

* this flight operates 4 times a week on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Citation 750 N7SB

Photo By : Ryan Hothersall

Cessna 750 N7SB arrived this afternoon from Sydney at 1545. N7SB departed on Sunday 15/1/12 at 1125hrs bound for Hobart.

24 hrs of Bizjets at YPAD

Photo by : Tony H

Photos by : Ryan Hothersall

We have had a few bizjets arrive into YPAD in the past 24 hrs. Premier 1 VH-TGQ. Cessna 550 VH-SCC (Regular Visitor). Globex N360LA & C550 VH-JLU (see picture bellow)

Cessna 550 pays us a visit

Photo by : Ryan Hothersall

Arriving today at 1245 is Cessna Citation 550 VH-JLU. This is its 1st visit to Adelaide after being registered in Australia on 16/12/10, where it is based in Queensland.

1st Singapore Cargo for 2012

Singapore Airlines Cargo  B747-412F 9V-SFN arrived ex. Sydney as SQC7286 at 1630.

This is the airlines 1st service to Adelaide since 13/12/11. Singapore Cargo operate to Adelaide generally every Tuesday. Arriving from Sydney as SQC7286 around 1600 and departing at 1800 to Singapore as SQC7285.