Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECG wearing ‘Real Madrid’ decals makes a visit



(Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECG on pushback ready for departure as ‘EK441′ bound for Dubai) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECG arrived from Dubai at 21.00hrs ‘EK440‘. The aircraft departed at 22.50 as ‘EK441‘ bound for the long flight back to Dubai.

Although ECG has made multiple visit to Adelaide previously, tonight visit was important as this was the 1st visit of ECG wearing famous Soccer club ‘Real Madrid FC’ decals.

Malaysia Airlines B747-400F 9M-MPR (1st visit for 2015)


(Malaysia Airlines B747-400F 9M-MPR lining up on Rwy.23 as ‘MH6424′ bound for Kuala Lumpur) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2015)

Malaysia Airlines B747-400F 9M-MPR arrived ex. Sydney at 14.25hrs as ‘MH6204′. After being refuelled and loaded with freight the aircraft departed at 19.00hrs bound for Kuala Lumpur as ‘MH6424′

This was the 1st B747 to visit Adelaide in 2015. MPR along with sister ship MPS have been making fortnightly visit to Adelaide for the past 2 years. In middle 2014 the 2 aircraft were re-painted into the airlines current livery. Although very basic, it actually makes the aircraft neat and tidy.

A duo of Qantas A330’s visit Adelaide

After making very visits in recent years to Adelaide, Qantas sent in the space of 2 weeks 4 A330’s. 3 of which were A330-200’s and 1 A330-300.



(Qantas A330-200 VH-EBO rolling down Rwy.23 as ‘QF676′ bound for Melbourne) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

After sending A330-200’s EBN and EBG a couple of weeks ago, this time the Airline sent A330-200 VH-EBO which arrived at 08.30hrs as ‘QF673‘ from Melbourne. The aircraft departed back to Melbourne at 09.30hrs.

Later on in the morning, A330-300 VH-QPJ arrived from Sydney at 11.40hrs as ‘QF741‘, the aircraft departed back to Sydney at 12.45hrs as ‘QF752

Air Asia X cease flights to Adelaide

9M-XXH (2)

(Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXH touching down on Rwy. 23 for the last itme operating ‘D7246/247′) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

After 15 months in the Adelaide market, Air Asia X stopped their flights between Adelaide and Kuala Lumpur. Their 1st flight way back on 31/10/13 was operate dby A330-300 9M-XXH, in a fitting farwell to Adelaide 9M-XXH also operate the final flight to Adelaide.

During the 15 month stint, Adelaide saw 23 different A330-300’s visit on multiple occasions, with only aircraft visiting once only. Here is a list of the registrations plus how many visits, and final visit they had in Adelaide…

9M-XAA: 10 visits (Final visit was on 01/09/14)
9M-XXA: 8 visits (Final visit was on 09/08/14)
9M-XXB: 23 visits (Final Visit was on 18/01/15)
9M-XXC: 17 visits (Final Visit was on 12/01/15)
9M-XXD: 19 visits (Final Visit was on 13/01/15)
9M-XXE: 18 visits (Final Visit was on 28/12/14)
9M-XXF: 16 visits (Final Visit was on 10/01/15)
9M-XXG: 15 visits (Final Visit was on 07/08/14)
9M-XXH: 10 visits (Final Visit was on 25/01/15)
9M-XXI: 23 visits (Final Visit was on 21/12/14)
9M-XXJ: 24 visits (Final Visit was on 11/01/15)
9M-XXK: 20 visits (Final Visit was on 08/11/14)
9M-XXL: 5 visits (Final Visit was on 31/12/13)
9M-XXM: 14 visits (Final Visit was on 30/12/14)
9M-XXN: 9 visits (Final Visit was on 15/04/14)
9M-XXO: 14 visits (Final Visit was on 02/12/14)
9M-XXP: 12 visits (Final Visit was on 24/01/15)
9M-XXQ: 4 visits (Final Visit was on 27/05/14)
9M-XXR: 4 visits (Final Visit was on 14/11/14)
9M-XXS: 8 visits (Final Visit was on 13/12/14)
9M-XXT: 4 visits (Final Visit was on 17/01/15)
9M-XXU: 2 visits (Final Visit was on 20/1/15)
9M-XXV: 1 visit (Only Visit was on 15/01/15)

QantasLink DHC8-400 VH-LQG (1st Visit)


(QantasLink DHC8-400 VH-LQG taxiing to the bay after arriving from Perth) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

QantasLink DHC8-400 VH-LQG arrived from Perth at 16.40hrs as ‘QF6678‘. The aircraft will operate one flight to Port Lincoln this afternoon. The 1st being at 17.15hrs as ‘QF2273′.  The aircraft overnighted in Adelaide, operated a Pt. Lincoln flight and then departed at 11.00hrs the next day back to Canberra as ‘QF2092‘.
This is LQG’s 1st visit to Adelaide. The aircraft has been in Perth since it was delivered. Due to the aircraft needing some heavy maintenance, LQG had to come back across to the East Coast, it is unknown weather the aircraft will return back to Perth.

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXV (1st Visit)

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXV arrived ex. Kuala Lumpur at 09.25hrs operating ‘D7246‘. The aircraft departed back to Kuala Lumpur at 11.20hrs operating ‘D7247‘.

This was XXV’s 1st visit to Adelaide since the aircraft entered service on 25/12/14. This was also XXV’s 1 and only visit to Adelaide before the airlines ceased services.

AS Aviation Holdings Gulfstream 4 N716AS makes a visit. (1st Visit)


(AS Aviation Holdings LLC. Gulfstream 4 N716AS all locked up for its visit to Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

AS Aviation Holdings LLC. Gulfstream 4 N716AS arrived at 08.30hrs from Coolangatta. The aircraft dpearted the follwoing day (16/1/15) back to Coolangatta at  14.35hrs

This is the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide, it was also the 1st foreign registered bizjet to visit Adelaide in 2015.

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXU (1st Visit)

Air Asia X A330-300 9M-XXU arrived ex. Kuala Lumpur at 09.15hrs operating ‘D7246‘. The aircraft departed back to Kuala Lumpur at 11.00hrs operating ‘D7247‘.

This was XXU’s 1st visit to Adelaide since the aircraft entered service on 28/11/14.

Hong Kong Jet A330-200 VP-CBE arrives (1st Visit)

Hong Kong Jet A330-200 VP-CBE arrived ex. Auckland at 10.40hrs using ‘Victor Papa- Charlie Bravo Echo’ as its callsign. The aircraft parked initially at bay 22 at the passenger terminal, before being towed around to bay 82 where it will presumably stay for the duration of its visit to Adelaide.

This is this aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide, it is also the 1st visit of an A330 bizjet to visit Adelaide. This particular aircraft was originally built for Air Asia X to become 9M-XXI, however it waqs not taken up by the airline. It was then configured into a VIP aircraft and re-registered VP-CBE. This aircraft has been touring the region for the past 3 weeks. Originally arriving in Coolangatta from Manila on 7/12/14, the same evening it made the short hop to Brisbane Airport where it would stay until 14/12/14 when it would depart to Sydney. After spending a week in Sydney it departed to Auckland.

RLB Holdings Falcon 900 N610RL makes a visit (1st visit)

RLB Holdings Dassult Falcon 900 N610RL arrived ex. Kingscote at 15.00hrs,. After spending Christmas in Adelaide the aircraft departed to Kingscote on 26/12/14 at 09.40hrs.

This was the F900’s 1st visit to Adelaide. The aircraft is scheduled to depart Kingscote for Sydney at 11.00hrs.