China Southern B787-8 B-2732 diverts to Adelaide


(China Southern B787-8 B-2732 rolling through on Rwy.05 completing its diversion to Adelaide whilst enroute from Guangzhou-Perth)


(China Southern B787-8 B-2732 on pushback from Bay 20R in readiness for its flight back to Perth as ‘CZ319′)


(China Southern B787-8 B-2732 departing off Rwy.05 bound for Perth as ‘CZ319′)

All Photos taken by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)


China Southern B787-8 B-2732 operating ‘CZ319‘ from Guangzhou-Perth arrived into Adelaide at 10.00hrs due to thick fog in the west. After spending a little bit of time in Adelaide and a quick refuel the aircraft departed back to Perth at 11.45hrs  using the same flight number.

This was the 1st visit of B-2732 to Adelaide, it was alost the 1st visit of B787-8 to Adelaide. However it was the 2nd visit by a B787 to Adelaide, the 1st was Air New Zealand B787-9 ZK-NZE back in November 2014.

A trio of Emirates B777-300ER’s grace the tarmac of Adelaide Airport

A rare sight at Adelaide Airport today with 3 B777-300ER’s on the ground at once  which is 1st for Adelaide.

B777-300ER A6-ECO arrived on Tuesday 2/6/15 at 19.35hrs as ‘EK440′. The aircraft failed to deprt as the scheduled ‘EK441′ flight at 21.50hrs due to mechanical reasons. The aircraft is still onm the ground in Adelaide.



(Emirates B777-300ER A6-ENV taxiing to bay 20R on its 1st visit to Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Emirates sent in a replacement aircraft to take out the passengers from ECO. B777-300ER A6-ENV arrived at 18.14hrs on a ferry flight from Perth as ‘EK9923′. The aircraft departed at 20.18hrs as ‘EK441D’.

This was ENV’s 1st visit to Adelaide, it is also the 1st visit of a EN* block B777-300ER into Adelaide.

The 3rd B777-300ER to make an appearnace was A6-EGH which arrived at 19.52hrs from Dubai as ‘EK440′. The aircraft departed as scheduled at 21.50hrs back to Dubai as ‘EK441′

Cobham RJ85 G-CIKF arrives


(Cobham Aviation RJ85 G-CIKF sitting utside the Cobham terminal just on sunrise) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Cobham Aviation RJ85 G-CIKF arrived from Darwin at 14.10hrs using its registration as its callsign. The aircraft had a long journey to end up in Adelaide. The delivery flight begun in Tirana, Albania then moved onto Luxor. After a few more stops it flew Jakarta, Halim- Denpsarsar- Darwin on 25/5/15 where it overnight before departing to Adelaide.

A few days later the G- registration was peeled away and re-registered VH-NJU. This is the 2nd RJ85 to join the Cobham fleet joing VH-NJW.

Silkway West Airlines B747-400F 4K-SW888 makes a visit to Adelaide

11141127_10206664232469621_2691602478412809194_o(Silkway West Airlines B747-400F 4K-SW888 Pulling into Bay 28R after its 14hr flight from Baku) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2015)

Silkway West Airlines B747-400F 4K-SW888 arrived direct from Baku (Heyder Alieyv Intl.), Azerbaijan at 10.00hrs as ‘Silk West 6016‘. After originally planed for a 3hr stopover in Adelaide, it turned into a 12hr stopover with the aircraft departing to Dubai World Central (Al Maktoum Intl.) at 22.10hrs as ‘Silk West 6017‘.

Ths aircraft creadted a few records upon touch down at Adelaide Airport. This was the 1st ever Azerbaijan registered aircraft to ever visit Adelaide. This the 1st visit of Silkway West Airlines to Australia and lastly it was the longest direct flight to Adelaide.

Royal Air Force C130J ZH865 makes a visit

IMG_1224(Royal Air Force C130J-30 C.4 Hercules ZH865 parked at Adelaide Airport just prior to its departure) Photo By Stefan P (Copyright 2015) 

 Royal Air Force C130J-30 C.4 Hercules ZH865 arrived at 15.25hrs from Wellington, New Zealand as ‘Ascot 5880/ RRR5880‘. After spending the weekend in Adelaide, the aircraft departed on 27/4/15 bound for Perth at 10.00hrs as ‘Ascot 5881/ RRR5881‘.

This was the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide, it was the 1st C130J to visit Adelaide. It was also the 1st RAF aircraft to visit Adelaide since 30/7/07.

Thomson Airways (TCS Expeditions) B757-200(WL) G-OOBF makes a visit


 (Thomson Airways B757-200(WL) G-OOBF resting at its parking bay for its stay in Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Thomson Airways B757-200(WL) G-OOBF arrived ex. Tonga at 12.55hrs. After a 4 day stay in Adelaide the aircraft departed to Jakarta on 22/4/15 to Jakarta, Indonesia.

The aircraft is decked out in a all business class configuration operated by TCS expeditions. Adelaide was the 3rd stop in a 8 leg around the world flight.

This was the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide. This was the 2nd year in a row that this Around the World Charter has been to Adelaide



Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-SSF (1st Visit)

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-SSF arrived at 07.45hrs from Singapore as ‘SQ279‘. The aircraft departed back to Singapore as ‘SQ278‘ at 09.30hrs.

This was SSF’s 1st visit to Adelaide since the aircraft was delivered on 1/4/15 and entered servic on 3/4/15.

Gulfstream 550 N989AR (1st Visit)


(Wells Fargo Bank owned Gulfstream 550 N989AR parked up for the night at Adelaide Airport) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Wells Fargo Bank owned Gulfstream 550 N989AR arrived at 17.30hrs from Scone, NSW. The aircraft’s will night stop in Adelaide.
 This is the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide.

United States Air Force KC135R 58-0051 (1st Visit)


(United States Air Force KC135R 58-0051 parked at Adelaide Airport for its stay) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

United States Air Force KC135R 58-0051 from the 137th ARW / 185th ARS Oklahoma ANG based at Tinker AFB arrived direct from Honolulu, Hickam Field AS ‘Reach 243‘ at 15.55hrs.

This is the aircraft’s 1st visit to Adelaide. This is also the 1st visits of a United States Air Force since B757 which had Hilary Clinton on board made a visit back in November 2013.

Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-VUP (1st visit)


(Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-VUP Taxiing to the bay on its 1st visit to Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

 Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-VUP arrived from Brisbane as ‘VA1398′ at 18.05hrs. The aircraft night stopped in Adelaide and departed the following morning to Coolanagtta as ‘VA1447′ at 08.30hrs.

This was VUP’s 1st ever visit to Adelaide. The aircraft was originally delivered as VUP, but never entered Australian service, It was then transferred to Pacific Blue New Zealand and registered ZK-PBK.